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What is an Adv. Network?

As consumers migrated to the Internet for news, information, content and social interaction, businesses followed.  Media outlets soon realized that someone receiving a newspaper each morning  is soon to be heading the way of the do-do bird.  Television stations quickly embraced the internet as they realized  consumers wanted to consume their news and information on their time; not at the selected time the station dictated.  So as more eyeballs moved away from traditional media, advertisers naturally followed and an entire new medium was born.

Internet advertising since 2002 has exploded and some industry leaders expect it to reach $77 Billion worldwide by 2016.  Advertising Networks began to appear several years ago and were formed to aggregate websites into a single unit and assist sites in selling all of their available inventory to advertisers seeking an efficient way to brand and maximize ROI.

The founders of Active Youth Network recognized that  youth clubs and schools are currently under-served and not taking advantage of this exploding medium and became the first advertising network to work with youth-oriented clubs, associations and schools.  They realized that its impossible for a single youth club to raise money on their own; but a network of 1000 websites creates a highly targeted and desirable audience for advertisers.   Through this aggregation of sites, clubs and the sports they participate in will be able to take advantage of this exploding medium and offset some of the fundraising costs and nightmares that go along with it.  Active Youth Network is committed to the success of our clubs and family members.  By helping clubs, teams and schools offset the rising costs of participation, we can keep more kids involved and keep our kids active!!

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